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  • Shen Chi

    Shen Chi

    April 26,2020

    Innovative development is the "golden key" for the healthy development of characteristic towns in China.

  • Li Tie

    Li Tie

    April 26,2020

    Characteristic towns present a new choice for urban development in China.

  • Feng Kui

    Feng Kui

    April 26,2020

    Tourism function should not be exaggerated in characteristic towns.

  • Qiao Runling

    Qiao Runling

    April 26,2020

    A characteristic town is not a replica of a town.

  • Xu Lin

    Xu Lin

    April 26,2020

    Characteristic towns to promote entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Zhou Jianming

    Zhou Jianming

    April 27,2020

    Three aspects to be considered in terms of building a successful characteristic town.

  • Zheng Xiaobiao

    Zheng Xiaobiao

    April 27,2020

    Mengzhou city to build China's first bonded characteristic town featuring electronic sports