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Qiao Runling: A characteristic town is not a replica of a town

Updated:April 26,2020 L M S

Qiao Runling

Deputy President of the China Center for Urban Development of the National Development and Reform Commission

——A characteristic town is not a replica of a town


First, characteristic towns draw great attention of the governments, private enterprises and market players in China. A characteristic town is a new platform or a new space. Not just a replica of a town, it is defined as a platform for comprehensive development and construction. The development of urbanization and characteristic towns needs to highlight features, diversify development, adapt to local conditions, and tap unique characteristics.

Second, characteristic towns center on high quality development. East China’s Zhejiang province proposed that a characteristic town should be built into a new, compact urban space with investment of no less than five billion yuan in a three-square-kilometer area. The development of characteristic towns should stress quality growth rather than quantity growth. Small in area, characteristic towns need to be unique, special, and distinct, showing great difference from previous urbanization development.

Third, a high degree of integration between industry and city is one of the most prominent characteristics of such towns. Some of Zhejiang's characteristic towns have integrated production, life, and environment; others have brought industry, culture, and tourism together; and still others have integrated first, secondary and tertiary industries. These are the new models of urban development that are different from previous practice.

Characteristic towns will become one of China's new economic growth platforms if they develop in an orderly manner. They should undertake more social responsibilities and play a role in pushing the development of the new economy, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and improving towns with less distinctive characteristics to help farmers get jobs and increase income.